Movement. Research.

Miami University Movement Lab faculty conduct research in motor control and learning, biomechanics, postural control and chiropractic.

William Berg

Motor control and learning.

Mark Walsh

Biomechanics and sport.

Dean Smith

Motor control and chiropractic.

Miami University Movement Lab Recent Research

Here are some recent research projects.

Lab Motion Capture

Lower limb kinematic and EMG variables during anti-gravitational treadmill walking

The previous level of gravitational load is an important factor to consider in determining kinematic and EMG responses to the current level during loading and unloading below standard g.

Flexion distraction spinal manipulation and lumbar spinal stenosis

Significant improvement in objective and subjective outcomes were found after a pragmatic course of care including spinal manipulation in LSS patients.

Non-contact boxing training and anticipatory postural adjustments

Non-contact boxing training had a modest positive effect on the frequency and timing of anticipatory postural adjustments resulting from self-induced postural perturbations in healthy adults.

Validation of a portable force plate for evaluating postural sway

For situations in which participants cannot visit a laboratory (e.g. performing athletes, community dwelling clinical patients, and virus risk concerns) an in-home portable force plate is a trusted and valuable data collection tool.

Information for anticipatory neuromotor control in catching under load uncertainty

Experiment determined the information referent on which catchers base their anticipatory neuromotor control when catching balls of unknown weight, and how catchers use this functional referent.

Postural Control, Dual Task Performance and Executive Function Following an Ultramarathon

Following an endurance run, there were plane specific movement adaptations in postural sway that may have resulted from neuroprotective changes under extreme fatigue.

Miami University Movement Lab Research Areas

Research in our lab broadly encompasses a wide variety of topic
areas and interests. We have extensive equipment for use in motion analysis and tracking, evaluation of force production, muscle activity, and behavioral experiments.

Motor Control

Our lab is interested in understanding both basic questions and practical application (e.g. sports, medicine) regarding the control of human movement as well as the control of stability.


The analysis and assessment of human movement during sport activities is of particular interest. Jumping, walking, running, golf, gymnastics and other various other exercise activities are investigated.


Research is focused on how chiropractic affects perception and action. Interested in pursuing clinical questions such as how does chiropractic affect postural stability and movement dysfunction?