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William Berg, PhD

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William Berg


Research Interests

My research is in the area of human motor control, with a focus on locomotor and postural behavior, and the role of attention in human performance. My current work concentrates on understanding how the central nervous system (CNS) uses unconscious processes to prepare for and execute skilled movements.


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Recent Publications


1. *Sinn, S.R., Berg, W.P., *Vachon, G.E., Hughes, M.R. (2023). The role of anticipatory and reflexive compensatory muscle activation in catching errors under load uncertainty. Experimental Brain Research. 241, 1411-1419.

2. *Shin, W-T., Berg, W.P., *Stutz, M.M., Hughes, M.R. (2022). Effect of non-contact boxing training on the frequency and timing of anticipatory postural adjustments in healthy adults. Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, 62, 1646-1653

3. *Teaford, M., Berg, W.P., Billock, V.A., McMurray, M.S., Thomas, R., Smart, L.J. (2022). Muscle activity prior to experiencing the rubber hand illusion is associated with alterations in perceived hand location. Psychological Research, 87, 519-536

4. Berg, W.P., Hughes, M.R. (2020). Information for anticipatory neuromotor control in catching under load uncertainty. Experimental Brain Research, 238, 1285-1292.

5. *Wood, K., Berg, W.P., Salcedo, N., Walsh, M., *Biller, K. (2020). The effects of closed kinetic chain and open kinetic chain exercise on hip musculature strength and timing in women. Gazzetta Medica Italiana, 179, 213-223.

6. Berg, W.P., Hughes, M.R. (2020). The effect of load uncertainty on neuromotor control in catching: Gender differences and short foreperiods. Journal of Motor Behavior, 52, 318-332.

7. *Wolf, R., Thurmer, H.P., Berg, W.P., Smart. L.J., *Cook, H. (2017). The effect of the Alexander Technique on muscle activation, movement kinematics and performance quality in collegiate violinists and violists: A pilot feasibility study. Medical Problems of Performing Artists, 32, 78-84.

8. Berg, W.P, Hughes, M.R. (2017). The effect of load uncertainty and foreperiod regularity on anticipatory and compensatory neuromotor control in catching. Motor Control, 21, 1-25.

Current Projects

The effect of anticipatory and compensatory muscle activation on catching errors under load uncertainty

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The effect of lower limb motor experience on the moving rubber foot illusion

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Current Students

Graduate Students

  • Jacob Straub
  • Katie Hayward
  • Caleb Perry

Undergraduate Research Assistants

  • Asia Gensch
  • Emily Jacobs
  • Rachael Binion
  • Deisher Lindsay
  • Laura Evans
  • Peyton Kirkland
  • Maya Nathan